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The city of Châtellerault is rich in historicals monuments like the bridgeHenri-IV from 1611,  the castel of Targé, the Church Saint-Jacques located on the way Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.


City of Art and History, surname « the city of hundred spiers » or « City of 100 church » have a lot of historical monuments such as baptistery Saint-Jean (ive siècle), l'hypogeum des Dunes (viie siècle), Church Notre-Dame-la-Grande (xiie siècle), Church Saint-Porchaire (xiie siècle),....

Its historic center concentrates many buildings, half-timbered houses as well as the courthouse (12th century), the former palace of the Counts of Poitou, Dukes of Aquitaine, where the Queen of France and England Eleanor of Aquitaine held her court. .

La Roche-Posay

Spa town with casino, racecourse, golf

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Angles sur L'Anglin

Village with remains of its castle built between the 11th and 15th centuries

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Chauvigny owes most of its fame to its important medieval heritage. No less than five castles form a prominent fortified ensemble, unusual in Europe.

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It is a city with the ruins of the old castle destroyed by Richelieu, and whose historic center is surrounded by old ramparts. This city has a great cultural heritage with, among others, its Square Tower, its narrow streets that have kept the spirit of the Middle Ages, all the mushroom and wine cellars, not to mention the Renaudot museum

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Saint Remy de la Creuse

Saint Remy de la Creuse, a troglodyte village with its chalk cliff, dotted with troglodytes,

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